What’s In A Strong Call To Action? 3 Examples You Need to Copy


Does your CTA have muscles?

Ah, the sweet sound of the Call To Action. Can you hear it now?

It’s a marketer’s best friend — and a website’s #1 predictor of profit. A strong Call To Action is the gateway to the sale.

So you need to make sure your gateway is lookin’ good.. Otherwise your visitors aren’t going to be stepping through it anytime soon.

And that’s bad news for you.

A bad CTA means your website won’t convert as well as it can.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in a decade of internet marketing expertise, it’s this:

A Strong Call To Action Can Dramatically Increase Your Conversions (Even If You Don’t Change Anything Else On Your Site!)

Crazy, right?

You’re probably thinking about what yours looks like right now.

We did an article on Why You Should Have A Call To Action On Every Page Of Your Website and in that article, we mentioned that you should have a CTA on every page of your website.

But it’s not just about making your CTA the star of the show… it’s about making sure your CTA is designed to convert.

From the text, to the color, to the button style.

Today, we’re going to show you how to beef up your CTA.

How to take it from something weak like ‘Learn More’ to a high converting, weapons-grade piece of marketing ammo.

And don’t worry, no deadlifts needed 😉

Let’s Hit The Gym (How to Spot a Weak CTA)

Before we dive straight into the good stuff, we need to make sure you know if your CTA just isn’t hitting the mark.

Here’s a few examples of Weak CTA’s we pulled from around the internet:


Ahh, the allusive ‘Learn More’ button… Which means absolutely nothing to your visitors.
Learn more about what? ‘Learn’? Who wants to ‘learn more’ anyway?


‘Buy now’ — Alright, we’re getting a teensy bit more direct… but still – what am I buying? How much is it? How can I pay?


To the untrained eye, both of these Call To Actions seem to be doing their part:


  1. They’re telling the prospect what to do (the goal of the CTA)
  2. They’re on the website in a ‘button’ style format (as opposed to some linked text)


But these are actually two very bad examples, because they aren’t specific enough. In the world of the CTA, you need to make sure yours is equal parts specific and equal parts compelling.


Specific + Compelling = A Great Call To Action!

So how do you make your CTA perform better? Use the above formula.


Make it specific…


        Tell your prospect exactly what to do and where to go. I.e. Take ‘Learn More’ for example — we can make it more specific by saying something like ‘Learn more about our services’. Then, we can make it even MORE specific by saying something like ‘See all of our marketing services now’.

Make it compelling…

       Tell your prospect what to do in a compelling way. Like Thanksgiving Turkey, no one likes it dry. Don’t just tell them what to do, but tell ‘em what’s in it for them… So now that we have ‘See all of our marketing services now’, we can make that MORE compelling by adding in a few words and making it a two-tiered CTA…

‘See all of our marketing services NOW’
Packages Start at $599

That’s just a quick example.

But it’s already a big improvement.

Ask yourself: which one will convert better…

  1. ‘Learn More’


  2. ‘See all of our marketing services NOW’
    Packages Start at $599

Which one would you click? 😉

3 Examples of Strong Call To Actions You Need To Copy

So now that you know a little bit more about how to spot a weak CTA, the simple On The Move Marketing formula for a great CTA… we’re going to wrap this up by showing you 3 examples of super-strong Call To Actions.

These can act like your inspiration.

We’ll also show you what’s good about them, and why they work.

#1 – “Send Me Specials Now!”


This CTA button is from Aquaspresso and it’s so good you can’t help but click it.

Why It Works In A Nutshell

First, it’s from the prospect’s point of view (a conversion best practice!). “Send me specials now!” They’re now reading this like they’re thinking it — cool, right?

Secondly, it’s compelling — who doesn’t want to be sent specials right now? It’s almost like opening a box of chocolate… you never know what you’re gonna get.

Thirdly, it has a lot of ACTION in the CTA button text – “NOW” is a high converting word for a number of reasons. It’s instantly gratifying, for one.

Steal this Call To Action for your opt-in box. Tell your prospects what they will get.

#2 – “Discover a Cocktail Tailored To Your Taste”


Love us some Grey Goose.

We love their CTA button even more. They could have gone with the old ‘See our cocktails’ and it would have done an okay job – but they know their market. This one is BIG on the ‘compelling’ part of the formula.

Why It Works In A Nutshell

It’s compelling. That’s what’s really lifting this CTA to superstardom. It’s calling out to their audience, who is the acquired and discerning drinker — “tailored to your taste” is too enticing not to click.

‘Discover’ is an interesting word choice. This is also a great word when you’re looking for a conversion lift, like ‘now’.

It’s also VERY specific. When you click this CTA, you know exactly what you’re getting… which makes you want to click it.

And the CTA award goes to… Grey Goose.


Steal this CTA for a services page. For a marketing company, you could mold this into “Discover marketing packages tailored to your goals”… Or “Discover marketing packages designed to get you results”.


#3 – “Unlimited Access for $89 – SALE”


This Call To Action is pure brilliance. It’s so good, let’s jump straight into why it works.


Why It Works In A Nutshell


Firstly, there’s an arrow pointing towards the CTA – this is a visual cue. This draws your eye STRAIGHT to the Call To Action.

Secondly, the CTA button is rounded – rounded CTA buttons convert better than their squared counterparts. Why? It’s easier on the eye.

Thirdly, the ‘Sale!’ is emphasized in red – this adds in a bit of scarcity by being on SALE and also adds in a compelling offer.

Fourth, pay attention to the copy on the CTA – there’s a whole host of powerful words at play — “Unlimited”, “Now”, “Join”. These are all very enticing words, especially when paired together.

And last but not least… this CTA is highly specific. You know exactly what you’re getting. No ifs, ands or buts about it. You’re getting unlimited access for a set price and it’s on sale. Great use of specificity. Imagine if they just had something like ‘Join now’. Gross!

The CTA is also extreeeemely compelling… it’s on SALE and it’s also cheap. Well, don’t mind if I do.

Steal this CTA for your payment page. With a CTA like this, your prospect is informed enough to go straight to swiping their card! This is a good CTA for converting prospects quickly.

Does Your CTA Have Beef?

Well, now it should.

Just think about all the awesomeness you can now supercharge your CTA with. Be sure to ‘steal’ some of these great ideas and watch your conversions skyrocket.

Let us know exactly which one you’ll be using next.

We can’t wait to hear your answer.


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