Why On The Move Marketing Isn’t Your Average “Marketing Agency” (Our Philosophies)


We’re on the move marketing, and you may have noticed that we’re not your regular marketing agency.

If you’ve had a peek around our site, or you’ve been following our blogs, you’ve probably noticed we don’t do things the regular way. It’s kind of our competitive advantage, really.

In fact, if you wanna know something – we pride ourselves on being ‘different’.

We know that when you take the road less travelled, you end up in more interesting places.

We apply that to all that we do – from the way we bridge the gap between client and team, to the way that we work effectively for every client.

We look for the ‘holes’ that other processes leave, and we fill them with innovative solutions.

Our programs (Site With A Purpose and the Limitless Program) are focused on getting great results quickly – and taking every business to new heights.

But before you work with us, you have to know who we are.

Consider this your introduction.


Our CEO, Jason Starbuck, noticed one thing about most marketing agencies that inspired him to create his own – in a radically different way.

He noticed most marketing agencies are “all talk”.

They’re about getting the sale, and not about retaining long term clients by accomplishing great things for them.

This “all talk” mentality preached by the gurus big and small leads to most businesses feeling “ripped off” or “screwed” by the marketing world.

People feel burned. And then where do they go from there?

Jason wanted to change that.

So when On The Move starts work with any client, we make sure they know that we will get them results.

We make sure that they know they can trust us. We’re the real deal.

Of course, we can’t guarantee they’ll see radical results upfront – but we can guarantee we’ll work as hard as we talk.

That’s what makes our clients into our biggest fans.


Failure teaches you things. It’s one of life’s greatest lessons.

One of the greatest strengths that we extend to our clients is that we’ve failed again and again.

It’s taught us what pitfalls to avoid. It’s taught us what ‘shortcuts’ we can take.

It’s also taught us that failure is nothing to be afraid of. Within every failure there’s a valuable take away – a silver lining.

We look for that lining in every road bump we encounter when it comes to our clients, or in our own work.


Some agencies have one office. Our office? The world.

That’s right, while we have headquarters in the Philippines and in San Diego, California – we believe in innovative work environments.

This gives us the advantage of hiring people all over the world who aren’t restricted by distance.

It means our employees have different cultures (and different experiences) they bring to the table.

We scout for the best talent, regardless of where they are.

We’re breaking down borders to bring together the best of the best, wherever they are.


When was the last time your marketing agency came to you saying “Hey, I have a crazy idea that can make you more money, right now?”

We’re betting it hasn’t happened for many clients.

Many agencies follow a stringent process where they don’t allow for enough room for creativity – or for ‘crazy ideas’ that can make a big difference.

Marketing is equal parts a science as it is an art.

On The Move Marketing has a great process that also gives us a great opportunity to have breakthroughs.

Some of these breakthroughs have led to big results for our clients.

We care so much about these results, that we look for places we can accelerate them every step of the way.

All of this comes down to one reason: your successes are our successes.


If you’ve enjoyed this blog post, you may enjoy speaking to us about your goals.

We care about your business, and we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about what we can do next.

Simply fill out the form on our homepage, or call us: 866-905-3275

We’re the non-average Agency for clients who want non-average results.

Let’s talk.




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